World War 3: Israel issues ‘ROCKET ALERT’ after multiple missiles launched at country | World | News

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Israel’s Defence Force (IDF) made the announcement this evening after “a barrage of 20 rockets” was fired at the country. The IDF confirmed over 20 rockets had been fired at the country from the Gaza Strip although they also reported “10 rockets were intercepted” by the Iron Dome defence system. 

In response, the force has confirmed it is now targeting certain sites in retaliation. 

They said: “We have started striking Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza.” 

There have been no reports of casualties at this point. 

Following the missile strike, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in the country’s military headquarters in Kirya. 

The IDF also confirmed a succesful strike on Islamic Jihad militants. 

They released a statement: “The Israeli Air Force just targeted an Islamic Jihad terror squad preparing to fire rockets from Gaza at Israeli civilians.

“Terror targets civilians. Israel targets terror.”

The Islamic Jihad claimed the strikes were launched after Israel killed two militants on Sunday. 

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Sunday’s missile strikes come as Mr Netanyahu warned Hamas of a “big surprise” for Hamas if the group failed to reduce its violence in the region. 

Mr Netanyahu said: “Hamas and the other terrorist organizations such as Islamic Jihad, whose commander Baha Abu al-Ata we eliminated a few weeks ago, have to understand that either there is complete quiet and they rein in the rogue factions — shoot them in the knees, that’s the way — or we will have no choice but to launch our operational programs.

“I can’t share what they are, but I can say it will be a big surprise.”

The Israeli Prime Minister will face an election next month. 

However, in light of the election he insisted he would not make any decision on Gaza subject to “political timetable”. 


He also insisted he will not “rush to war” in the region. 

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