Published On: Tue, Aug 25th, 2020

UK weather forecast: Chart turns RED as hot Azores air grips Britain in September scorcher | Weather | News

Weather maps produced by WXcharts, show the whole of the UK turning red as hot air closes in from the Mediterranean next month. Heat from Portugal begins its journey towards Britain from September 7, as temperatures rocket into the mid-20s.

On Monday, September 7, the mercury will reach up to 24C in the southeast of England with 21C in the Midlands and 19C in Scotland, forecasters claim.

The barmy temperatures will continue into Thursday, September 10, when the weather maps turn dark-red across the whole of the UK.

The BBC long-range forecast says the high pressure from the European Island will bring dry and bright weather, with England and Wales experiencing the best of the conditions.

The forecasters outlook from September 7, to September 20 says: “Changeable weather conditions appear likely through the middle part of September.

“There are signs of a temporary change to drier and warmer weather just before mid-month, this is because high pressure may expand northwards from the Azores for a time.

“England and Wales are likely to see the lengthiest of any drier, calmer and warmer periods of weather.

“However, Scotland and Northern Ireland are favoured to become less wet and less windy for a time with nearer-average rainfall.”

Netweather.TV long-range forecast for September 7-14, says temperatures will remain above average for the time of year, with settled and sunny weather for most of Britain.

The forecast says: “High pressure will probably come further north at times during this week, bringing longer spells of dry, settled and mainly sunny weather to much of the UK.

“The north and west of Scotland will remain most prone to continued changeable west to south-westerlies and belts of cloud and rain heading in off the North Atlantic.”

It adds: “Mean temperatures are generally expected to be 1 to 2C above the long-term normal during this week, with most parts of the UK seeing larger positive deviations from normal by day than by night.”

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This afternoon a number of places in England and Wales have seen their highest ever gusts of wind provisionally recorded in August.

The Met Office said gusts of 74mph have been recorded at Lake Vyrnwy in Powys, Wales – the highest August gust in this location since 1994.

Gusts of 68mph were also recorded at Pembrey Sands, 52mph was recorded at Shobdon in Herefordshire, and 49mph was recorded at Pershore in Worcestershire.

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