Toward the end of the week, temperatures will begin to drop, as sleet, hail and even snow will arrive from the Arctic, according to forecaster Net Weather. While the weekend will consist of cold air that will move across the country outwards.

Temperatures will plummet to single digits, as snow begins to fall, it the southern part of the UK, it will drop to -4C.

The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said: “Cold Arctic air is expected to sweep southwards by the weekend, with a risk of snow in the North even at low levels, and further south over high ground, and widespread frosts.”

The Met Office has predicted that today will consist of dry spells and warm weather over England and Wales.

Toward the coastline, there will be some soggier conditions with rain and clouds predicted.

But on Saturday showers will arrive in the north, before hitting the eastern part of the UK.

The sudden change in weather will be a dampener to those who have enjoyed sitting in their garden during their coronavirus lockdown, and exercising for their one hour a day.

However, today Britons still have the chance to make the most of warm weather as the UK is set to be hotter than Melbourne today

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“But after warm days, it will turn [and] colder air will return with much colder air from the north.

“Saturday has sun and wintry showers, with settled conditions through the end of March bringing plenty of sunny spells across the UK.”

Looking ahead to next week, the Met Office said: “Towards the end of March it will be largely dry.

“However, eastern areas will likely see showers of hail and snow at times, which will accumulate on higher ground and could give some snow and ice to lower levels during the night.

“A northeasterly wind will keep it cold.

“High-pressure conditions should dominate through the beginning of April, bringing plenty of dry, fine weather with bright or sunny spells across the UK, particularly in the west.

“Winds will be predominantly light, with any breezier weather bringing a significant wind chill.

“Indeed it looks likely to remain colder than average with a further chance of snow.

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