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Man Utd transfer warning

Manchester United will have to wait a couple of years at least for Jadon Sancho, Jack Grealish or James Maddison to be at their best if they sign any of the English trio, says former United midfielder Michael Appleton.

United have been linked with moves for Borussia Dortmund winger Sancho, Aston Villa star Grealish and Leicester midfielder Maddison ahead of the summer transfer window.

And Appleton told BBC Radio 5 Live: “I think they fit the remit don’t they.

“From what we hear and all the noises that come out of Old Trafford at the minute, they certainly fit the remit in terms of the youthfulness that they bring.

“The only thing, not all United fans, I’m a United fan myself, but I think some Man United fans will possibly be a little bit concerned that obviously Sancho, for the wonderful player he is, he hasn’t played in the Premier League.

“Maddison is in his second season in the Premier League, Jack Grealish has had just over half a season in the Premier League.

“So yes they’re wonderful talents and they’re going to be top, top, top, top, top players if they’re not already considered to be top, top, top players at the minute, but they will take time.

“We won’t probably see the best of that, if those three did end up at Old Trafford, until probably two or three years down the line.

“Are they prepared to wait that length of time to be the champions again, to win a cup competition, to be competing in the Champions League?”

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