“There is only one to blame which is me. I made the team. I have chosen the players to start and at half-time I tried to improve the situation but it was not enough.

“The dynamic of the first half was there, the mentality of the first half was there and it was difficult to change.

“In the end, Antwerp got what they deserved and we also got what we deserved. When the situation hangs like this, it’s always fair and I’m calm with it. The best team won, the worst team lost.

“Clearly after Monday night when we needed everything from every player, it’s frustrating that we come here tonight and don’t do the same.

“You know our best team. But I always like to think the players deserve an opportunity. We have a big squad with lots of good players.

“It’s my responsibility to give them opportunities to play and catch the chance with both hands and be in conditions to ask for more.

“And tonight my future choices are going to be very easy. But again, there’s only one responsible.

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