Christmas is just around the corner and festive items are already filling supermarket shelves. Tesco has shared an update for all those planning their Christmas shopping.

With Christmas just two months away, some Britons will already be preparing.

Festive shopping is sure to be a different experience this year with social distancing measures in all supermarkets.

In an email sent to customers, Tesco UK & Ireland CEO Jason Tarry shared advice on Christmas shopping.

He warned customers that it is likely to be a busy time in stores, and they should plan ahead if possible.

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The message said: “As the festive season approaches, it’s always busier for our stores.

“Please consider shopping a little earlier than you usually would to avoid the peak festive period.”

Starting Christmas shopping early this year could stop the supermarkets from becoming crowded closer to the time.

Doing this could make social distancing easier to stick to in supermarkets.


Reducing the number of people in stores could be more important than ever this year as coronavirus restrictions continue to change.

Tesco first introduced shopping rules earlier this year in line with government guidance.

These guidelines have been updated as government advice continues to change.

In his email, Jason explained the latest social distancing rules currently in stores.

When visiting stores, those shopping are encouraged to visit alone if possible.

The retailer explained this will help cut back on the number of customers in stores and how much room is available for social distancing.

The statement continued: “We understand that it won’t always be possible, but if you’re able to shop alone then please do.

“It’ll help make our stores safer and make everyone’s shop a bit quicker.”

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