Published On: Sat, Jun 6th, 2020

Sophie, Countess of Wessex shock: Prince Edward wife jewellery has royal link

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Over the years, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, has worn many lavish pieces of jewellery from the royal collection. In recent months, Prince Edward‘s wife was spotted wearing a more modest necklace at Buckingham Palace. A jewellery specialist revealed why it could have an important meaning.

The event was held for the top 100 women in finance in January.

She caught attention wearing a pair of small gold hoops and a small gold necklace.

The jewel had a gold chain with a handbag pendant, Claire Adler, jewellery specialist and founder of Claire Adler Luxury PR, explained.

While Sophie is the wife of Prince Edward, her necklace may have given a nod to her own successful role in the Royal Family and to empowering other women.


Claire told “There’s something undeniably feminine and empowering about a handbag.

“That symbolism on a pendant seemed very appropriate for the gathering Sophie, Countess of Wessex, hosted at Buckingham Palace for the top 100 women in finance, an event designed to increase the visibility of female role models.”

Sophie is no stranger to making a statement with her jewellery and has worn lavish tiaras for special occasions.

Although the handbag necklace is more subtle, the royal could be trying to send a message.

The small jewel may seem simple in design but it is still likely to be rare.

Claire continued: “Handbag pendants aren’t as common as one might think although there are a fair number of lovely vintage examples online.

“Sophie’s one looks like it is gold with pave diamonds.

“Interestingly, handbags have a long history of being linked to jewellery through the minaudière – a bejewelled evening handbag and a jewel all rolled into one, like those by Van Cleef & Arpels, the Parisian jewellery house worn by Kate Middleton to the Baftas recently.”

Sophie’s necklace could have taken inspiration from minaudière bags which have been carried by members of the Royal Family over the years.

The Countess may have been making a nod to other members of her family and the style of the bags. 

“They are made with precious materials, like gold, enamel and precious gemstones, and appear really compact,” Claire said.

“But then with a click or two, secret compartments unfurl for lipstick, powder compact and even clocks.

“Always useful for keeping the true extent of your vanity and organisational skills under wraps until the situation requires them.”

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