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It is not fully understood how children interact with coronavirus: there is a discussion about whether and why it’s less likely for children to not catch the virus in the first place, or whether they can catch it but are not susceptible to the symptoms.

Signed by eight district council leaders, the leader of County Hall’s Labour opposition group and the Lancashire branches of half a dozen trade unions, the letter states that there is “no appetite to reopen schools whilst serious risks remain unresolved”.

The letter reads: “Lancashire County Council has already confirmed that there is only capacity for 3,500 tests to be carried out daily pan Lancashire and, in order to have a successful 14-day rolling programme across the county, there would need to be 5,600 tests per day.

“The government’s pledge to allow anyone over the age of five who is symptomatic means that capacity may need to rise to up to 10,000 [tests] per day.

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