Published On: Mon, Jul 27th, 2020

Russia scrambles SU-27 fighter jet to intercept US spy plane over Black Sea -tensions soar | World | News

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In an announcement made by the country’s official news agency, TASS, the Russian defence ministry said a SU-27 fighter jet had made the interception. The defence ministry said a US surveillance plane was identified flying close to the Russian border.

The ministry said the aircraft – identified as a P-8 Poseidon – then veered away from Russian airspace.  

It added no permission had been given for the path of the plane on Monday.

A Su-27 twin engine fighter aircraft can travel at twice the speed of sound and reach up to 1,553mph (2,500kph).

The jet is equipped with an advanced infrared search and track system with the capacity to immediately detect up to ten targets within a radius of 100km.

The aircraft can also hold a 30mm GSh-301 gun with 150 rounds of ammunition and a range of missiles, rockets and bombs.

The intervention in the sky comes less than 24 hours after Vladimir Putin outlined plans to strengthen Russia’s military power in the sea.

On Sunday, the Russian President confirmed the Navy would be armed with hypersonic nuclear strike weapons and underwater nuclear drones.

The weapons in their final phase of testing, include the Poseidon underwater nuclear drone designed to be carried by submarines.

As well as the Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile which can be deployed on surface ships.

The deadly missiles are capable of travelling at more than five times the speed of sound, making the weapons extremely difficult to track and intercept.

The announcement was made at the annual naval parade in St Petersburg and Mr Putin also confirmed an additional 40 new vessels would be added to the fleet.

The Russian leader boasted the new weapons would given Russia “unique advantages” against the rest of the world.

He said: “The widespread deployment of advanced digital technologies that have no equals in the world, including hypersonic strike systems and underwater drones, will give the fleet unique advantages and increased combat capabilities.”

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