Published On: Mon, Apr 13th, 2020

Raab warns worse still to come as UK still not hit coronavirus peak -but graph offers hope | UK | News

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Minister Dominic Raab issued a warning to Britons that the country had not yet reached the peak of coronavirus. During the Monday evening briefing, Mr Raab thanked the public for resisting the urge to go outside and continue to spread the virus. Chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance issued a glimmer of hope as he explained the latest coronavirus data graphs that are currently on a positive trajectory.  


Mr Raab said: “I can tell you on the latest data that 290,720 people have been tested for coronavirus, 88,621 have now tested positive and I am very sorry to say 11,329 people have now died from coronavirus.

“Each one of those deaths is a tragedy and our hearts go out to the loved ones who are grieving their loss at such a difficult time.

“Amidst this sobering death toll, there are also some positive sides from the data that we are starting to win this struggle.

“But we still have a long way to go.

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“Those grizzly figures, that I just read out, show we are still not past the peak of this virus.

“So please continue to follow the advice, now more than ever.

“Stay home, save lives and protect the NHS.”

Mr Raab handed over to Sir Patrick Vallance who explained the latest UK coronavirus data and what this means for the country. 

“You would expect this to decrease, flatten and then decrease as the effects of the social distancing we have in place really feed through into the illness we are seeing in hospital.”

During the briefing, Mr Raab also admitted the Government was anxious over the Easter weekend that more people would flout the coronavirus lockdown rules.

However, he concluded that the majority of people have continued to listen to the Government advice and have helped the country’s fight against the virus.

Mr Raab did note that the Government will continue to assess the situation and look towards the science for guidance on when to relax lockdown measures. 

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