Published On: Sat, Aug 15th, 2020

Prince Charles rushes to help WW2 veteran as he stumbles laying a wreath at VJ Day service | Royal | News

Prince Charles reached out to a WW2 veteran who stumbled while laying a wreath during the national service of remembrance this morning. The Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, were among the officials taking part in a deeply moving ceremony marking the 75th anniverary of VJ Day. 

The heir apparent to the throne was solemnly standing in front of the wreath of red poppies he just laid down as a veteran, accompanied and supported by a relative, was nearing the Burma To Siam Railway Memorial with his own wreath. 

The veteran, who fought in the Far East 75 years ago, appeared to lose his stability for a moment, as he was crouching to lay down the wreath. 

The Prince of Wales moved near him as he realised the veteran could fall, and stopped a few steps away only when he noticed the veteran’s companion was helping him to remain on his feet. 

The Prince and the veteran’s tributes to the fallen of World War 2 were quickly followed by Camilla’s, who also laid flowers in remembrance of Commonwealth and Allied Forces who fought and died in the Far East. 

Prince Charles and the Duchess headed this morning to the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, where they were joined by the Prime Minister as well as several veterans who witnessed the end of WW2 from their posts in the Far East. 

The senior royals were spotted listening in silence to veterans sharing their memories of the war. 

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They then stood up to listen to Boris Johnson reading the Exhortation before falling silence for two minutes to honour the sacrifice made during WW2. 

The Prince of Wales also delivered a heartfelt speech at the ceremony to thank veterans and those who have perished.  

He said: “Today, in this hallowed place, and in the presence of all those gathered here, or in their homes, or wherever they may be, let us affirm that they and the surviving veterans are not forgotten.


“Rather, you are respected, thanked and cherished with all our hearts, and for all time.” 

Prince Charles and Camilla aren’t the only members of the Royal Family involved in today’s commemorations. 

The Queen issued a deeply personal statement just a few minutes before the national service in Staffordshire started. 

She wrote: “Today we mark the 75th anniversary of VJ Day, which brought victory for the Allies and finally marked the end of the Second World War. 

“Those of us who remember the conclusion of the Far East campaign, whether on active service overseas, or waiting for news at home, will never forget the jubilant scenes and overwhelming sense of relief.

“Amongst the joy at the end of the conflict, we also remembered, as we do today, the terrible devastation that it brought, and the cost borne by so many.  

Prince Philip and I join many around the world in sending our grateful thanks to the men and women from across the Commonwealth, and Allied nations, who fought so valiantly to secure the freedoms we cherish today.  

“May the memory of their sacrifice and bravery remain with us always.” 

Prince Philip, who was aboard the HMS Whelp the day WW2 was declared over, also made an appearance today – albeit in a video created by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in collaboration with the Poppy Legion. 

Later tonight, Prince William is to appear on a special BBC programme titled VJ Day 75: The Nation’s Tribute, where he will thank veterans for their brave service in WW2. 

The courage and dedication of those who served during WW2 have also been marked by a spectacular flypast – the first taking place across the UK since the 2012 London Olympics. 

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