Published On: Mon, Aug 3rd, 2020

Premium bonds August 2020 winners revealed – do you hold the winning numbers? | Personal Finance | Finance

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Premium bonds can provide a lucky few with cash prizes which can range in value. Anything from £25 up to £1million can be won and August’s winners have just been revealed.

The price fund in August topped over £108million and the total number of prizes for the month reached more than 3.7 million.

Each month, two bond holders are made millionaires and one of the jackpot winners for August held a relatively low amount of bonds.

This month’s female winner had a total bond holding of £5,900, with the individual winning bond being worth £1,000.

This winner is based in Cumbria and her winning bond number is 174SW095381.

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The full list of August’s high value winners can be found on NS&I’s website.

Winners have multiple options for what they can do with their prizes.

The prizes can be paid straight into a designated bank account.

Additionally, winners can choose to automatically reinvest their winnings and buy more bonds for future draws which will boost their chances of receiving higher prices.

Millionaire winners are usually visited by the “Agent Million” who would inform them of their fortune.

However, due to coronavirus this has had to be adapted.

Agent Million will not be knocking on doors any time soon but they will still be in touch with winners to let them know the good news, likely through phone calls.

Fortunately, coronavirus has not stopped premium bonds prize draws overall and people can take part with no limits in place.

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