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Premier League fixtures have been postponed until at least April 30 due to the spread of the coronavirus. And now the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) has called for “an urgent meeting” over the financial impact of the outbreak on players and clubs.

Will Premier League stars take wage cuts?

The loss of matchday revenue as a result of the coronavirus has hit clubs hard, particularly in the EFL.

The Premier League, though, is yet to make an announcement over players’ wages.

But the PFA is hoping to hold talks with the both the Premier League and EFL to discuss the subject.

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“As with other industries, the current COVID-19 crisis is having a severe impact on the finances of the game,” a PFA statement read.

“Several clubs have already approached players with a view to imposing pay deferrals.

“In order to deal with this situation, we have called for an urgent meeting with both the Premier League and the EFL to discuss how we might proceed going forward.”

Birmingham became the first Championship club to ask players to take wage deferrals.

Squad members earning over £6,000-a-week have been asked to take a temporary 50 per cent cut.

According to the Global Sports Salary, Premier League players earn an average salary of £3.2million per year, or £61,500 per week.

But The Telegraph reports that top-flight stars are set to be asked to take 50 per cent deferrals in response to the coronavirus crisis.

The publication quotes a senior club executive as saying: “For us it is essential that the players buy into it.

The club said in a statement: “The first-team football department has agreed to waive their salaries.

“The club’s managers and employees have also agreed to part-time working arrangements, which will also result in salary cuts.

“At the same time, we are pulling together to prepare for a full-time resumption of Bundesliga operations at any time.”

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