Published On: Sun, Sep 6th, 2020

Pierre Gasly left speechless after winning ‘crazy’ Italian GP ahead of Carlos Sainz | F1 | Sport

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Pierre Gasly was unable to fully describe his emotions after recording a famous win at the Italian Grand Prix. All signs looked like it was going to be yet another straight forward victory for Lewis Hamilton early on in the race.

But the drama soon unfolded midway through the race which proved the true unpredictable nature Formula One can bring.

A couple of safety cars were deployed, the latter of which was a result of Charles Leclerc’s huge crash at Parrabolica.

The race was then red flagged for a short period as stewards cleared the debris from Leclerc’s crash.

But Hamilton was also handed a 10-second penalty during the stoppage for coming into the pit lane when it was closed.

That ended the six-time world champion’s chances of winning as he was sent to the back of the grid.

There was more disappointment for Max Verstappen though as he failed to capitalise on Hamilton’s woes as he retired with a mechanical issue.

Valtteri Bottas was also clearly struggling with something in his car as he was unable to show his true pace.

All the issues for the usual ‘Big Three’ led to a fascinating grid which saw Gasly racing ahead of McLaren’s Carlos Sainz.

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