New Hampshire “Soupman”: Peter Kelleher inspired to help the homeless after his son’s death from opioids

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Updated Feb 11, 2020 8:00 PM EST

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Manchester, New Hampshire — Peter Kelleher never thought he’d be driving a big red bus down the snowy roads of New England. He also never thought he’d be a lifeline for thousands of homeless people, until his life dramatically changed.  
Addicted to opioids and homeless, Kelleher’s son Travis died in 2016. He was 33. 
“I couldn’t save him, his mother couldn’t save him … his grandmother, he had that devil,” Kelleher said.

So he started making soup for the homeless, a few bowls a time. But his mission has since expanded.

Norah O’Donnell with Peter Kelleher

CBS News/Adam Verdugo

Now Kelleher’s non-profit, Support the Soupman, buys boots in bulk and stocks a mobile closet full of warm clothes. There are also backpack care packages filled with survival supplies.

“Every day I hope to make a difference in someone’s heart,” Kelleher said.
With so much need, Kelleher said, he will never stop.

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