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The future First Lady at the time was interviewed with her husband while Barack was campaigning to become US President. In the interview Michelle and Barack sat down with their children Malia and Sasha, who were 10 and seven years old at the time. They spoke about family life and what it was like to be the daughters of a presidential candidate.

The former First Lady recalled the interview in her best selling memoir ‘Becoming’.

She said: “Malia had her hair braided and Sasha wore a red tank dress.

“As always, they were disarmingly cute.”

The future First Lady joked how Malia was “the family’s junior professor” and “earnestly pondered” every question.

She added: “She said that her dad embarrassed her sometimes when he tried to shake hands with her friends and also that he bothered all of us when he left his campaign luggage blocking the door at home”.

Michelle added how Sasha “did her best to sit still and stay focused”.

The youngest Obama only interrupted the interview once, asking her mother when they were getting ice cream.

The former First Lady wrote: “Otherwise, she listened to her sister, interjecting periodically with whatever semi-relevant detail popped into her head.

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The former First Lady said: “We felt like we’d made a wrong choice, putting their voices into the public sphere long before they could really understand what any of it meant.”

“Nothing in the video would hurt Sasha or Malia.

“But it was out in the world now.”

Barack, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee at the time, told TODAY how they got “carried away in the moment”.

He said: “We were having a birthday party, and everybody was laughing. And suddenly this thing cropped up.

“I didn’t catch it quickly enough. I was surprised by the attention it received.”

The interview was conducted by Maria Menounos, who told MSNC how the Obama’s daughters were not planned to be in the interview.

She said: “The interview originally was just supposed to be the senator and his wife.

“We get there and it was the Fourth of July, it was Malia’s birthday, the circumstances surrounding that day I think kind of lent themselves to a more comfortable atmosphere for the girls.”

Ms Menounos claimed she was convinced it was spontaneous and that “it was just kind of organic”.

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