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The First Lady has become known for being mocked on social media by critics and trolls as of late. This most recent attack comes after the FLOTUS posted a sped-up video of White House restoration work taking place in the East Room and the Red and Blue Rooms.

The post read: “We were honoured to complete the East Room floor restoration along with the wall upholstery in the Red & Blue Rooms in 2019.

“The work continues in 2020 to display the People’s House as a reflection of the excellence of the nation’s craftsmen and a source of pride for its citizens.”

However, some Twitter users were not impressed by the latest renovation work on the White House.

One user said: “The White House is going to need an exorcism when all the grifters are gone.”

Kathy Gordin said: “Spending taxpayers’ money for no good reason!

“There are so many things this money could go to like feeding starving children in schools.

“You remember the children don’t you?”

Another user called Ron said: “Hopefully your usual incredibly tacky approach to interior design was quashed.”

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“He started this mess with his disastrous assassination of Soleimani. Have you no compassion? No civility?”

Although the majority of responses towards the First Lady’s post were negative, some Twitter users supported Melania and congratulated her.

One user said: “I read some of the responses and can only assume those who write such disgusting hateful comments have a problem, mentally.

“Hopefully they’ll seek help or better yet….get the hugs they desperately need.”

Joe said: “The White House has been continuously updated in its 200 + year history and we’re so glad that your exquisite tastes will be reflected in the people’s house!”

Another user responded: “Best First Lady ever!

“All the haters seem to forget that EVERY administration keeps the White House in good condition.

“They just need something else to complain about.”

The post was liked just under 75,000 times and was retweeted 11,700 times.

Melania has 13 million followers but follows only 7 people including her husband and former President Barack Obama.

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