Published On: Sun, Jun 21st, 2020

Melania Trump news: First Lady marks Juneteenth in £1500 dress matching Ben Carson’s tie

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Melania Trump, 50, joined Secretary Ben Carson, 68, to visit the US National Archives yesterday. The First Lady chose a chic red and white striped Celine dress, last worn for her tour of Ghana in 2018, which cost £1541 originally.

She wore her highlighted hair loose over her shoulders in a relaxed style.

This was not the only event for Melania yesterday, who also marked Juneteenth with a video recording of her reading All Different Now by Angela Johnson.

The First Lady made a second nod to her 2018 Ghana trip, sharing footage from her visit in the video.

For the four minute clip, Melania wore a simple black sleeveless dress. She paired it with houndstooth check court shoes.

Melania is one of the most important figures in American political life as First Lady – however she was not always so serious, and worked to make changes to become this way when she met Donald, an expert has revealed.

Melania and Donald met at a party in 1998 and began dating soon after.

At the time, Melania was working as a model in New York and Donald was a businessman.

In the early stages of their relationship, Donald first voiced an interest in having a political career.

This may have encouraged Melania to make a change in her appearance, according to Gianni Casagrande, digital marketing manager at Moda in Pelle.

He told “We’ve seen a distinct change in Melania’s style since Trump was inaugurated in early 2017, though the transformation began much earlier. Donald’s bid for political office began way back in 2000.

“Since then Melania’s style has been moving away from fun loving party girl to serious political figure, but still keeping to a few of her signature features. For example, form fitting materials, bright colours and glamorous accessories.”

“These days her style is certainly more conservative and elegant,” he added.

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