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Melania Trump looked glossy and polished in the video as she confidently addressed the camera. The video was posted to the FLOTUS Twitter account.

She wore a white, skinny belt around her waist and navy blue stilettos.

On her Twitter the First Lady went on: “Today I had a briefing w [sic] the Presidential Task Force on Protecting Native American Children in the

@IHSgov system & discussed their findings & recommendations to protect the safety of children in Native American communities. Thank you for your work to keep children safe!”

In another statement she said: “Native American children, like all children, deserve to grow up in a safe, supportive, nurturing environment,” @FLOTUS said.  

She also claimed the First Lady has come into her own in the role.

Judi went on: “Melania now seems to be in full FLOTUS mode as a star in her own right,” the expert said.

“Her tendency to pose beautifully but use very limited body language rituals or facial expressions is now looking like a rather high-status, quasi-regal trait rather than a possible symptom of nerves.

“Symmetric poses in the White House, where she is seen alone on a bench with her legs elegantly crossed and her back upright in a perfectly-spaced gap between two soaring golden curtains make her look almost like a leader in her own right.”

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