Published On: Sat, Jul 25th, 2020

Melania Trump news: Body language with Donald Trump shows she is ‘counterpoint’ for him

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Melania Trump, 50, is the wife of the 45th US President Donald Trump, 74. During their time in the White House so far, a body language expert claimed the First Lady has helped out her husband.

The US election is taking place this year and body language expert Judi James explained how Melania could be helping her husband in the run up.

She told “Melania’s emphatically manicured elegance and her habit of striking the perfect pose and sustaining it should make her the perfect running mate for her husband.

“This suggests planning and forethought to counterpoint his more spontaneous, think-and-speak-from-the-hip style of communication.”

Judi claimed Melania’s different approach to public appearances could allow her to help Donald.


“He is the avid gesticulator, while Melania uses almost none,” Judi continued.

“While his thoughts tend to appear visible in his body language running commentary, Melania’s are still more hidden, allowing voters to project more positive assumptions.”

Since entering the White House, Melania’s confidence appears to have grown.

The expert claimed she appears more comfortable taking a leading role.

She added: “At an office visit she is placed at the top of the table seat.

“This is normally reserved for an alpha business leader like her husband in his career as an entrepreneur and she looks totally at home in this leadership role.”

Since Donald was inaugurated in 2017, the First Lady has become more confident in her role.

Melania recently shared videos on social media of her addressing US citizens from the White House.

In these, her body language shows she is comfortable taking a starring role.

“Melania now seems to be in full FLOUTUS mode as a star in her own right,” the expert said.

“Her tendency to pose beautifully but use very limited body language rituals or facial expressions is now looking like a rather high-status, quasi-regal trait rather than a possible symptom of nerves.

“Symmetric poses in the White House, where she is seen alone on a bench with her legs elegantly crossed and her back upright in a perfectly-spaced gap between two soaring golden curtains make her look almost like a leader in her own right.”

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