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“Do you want to go there and say: ‘I’m going to build it’ like Fernando [Alonso] tried to do? But it never quite worked out. It doesn’t always work. Sebastian [Vettel], exactly the same thing, go there and try and get it to work.

“And then you’ve got Mercedes, obviously, with Valtteri doing another year [with Hamilton] and seeing what happens with that.

“[Hamilton’s] relationship with Nico [Rosberg] was really a thorn in Toto [Wolff’s] side during that time. And he doesn’t really want that, Toto. He wants harmony. He wants it to be the two drivers working together because that’s more beneficial to the team.

“Although they still won the championship and still finished second in the championship and won the constructors’ [in 2016]. It wasn’t a disaster, but harmony is always very important.

“Max, with his particular Dutch, Jos-way, you see the frustrations. And I think you saw those in Hungary. When you start to see that and you don’t see the results coming. You know there’s going to be a lot more happening within the team and those frustrations are going to be quite a fiery little affair I’m sure within the team, because he’ll be pushing them like hell to do it.”

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