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Do you live with someone with a ‘severe mental impairment’, eg, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s?

If so, Martin claims you could be missing discount worth £1,000s.

Martin said: “If someone has a diagnosed severe mental impairment, which includes some with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes and more, then they are disregarded for council tax purposes.

“Meaning they don’t have to pay council tax if they live alone, and get 25 percent off if they live with one other grown-up. Plus some councils backdate it, leading to paybacks worth £1,000s.”

To qualify a person needs to be medically certified as being severely mentally impaired and they need to be eligible for (not necessarily claiming) at least one of ten eligible benefits, including severe disablement allowance, disabled persons tax credit, incapacity benefits and employment and support allowance.

Martin explained: “Then to make a claim either you or the person suffering a severe mental impairment can contact the council for a claim form, you can find your council contact details via the Government’s ‘Apply for Council Tax Reduction’ site.”

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