Published On: Sat, May 30th, 2020

Man Utd news: Javier Hernandez details Sir Alex Ferguson chat during David Moyes spell | Football | Sport

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“But that changed careers that could have been better. Rafael, myself, Danny Welbeck, and a lot of players who needed to go away to play.

“They brought in David Moyes and I’m not going to question whether he was a good coach, a bad coach but I don’t understand how it is possible – what’s the word, not humble – but to be at least half of what you are succeeding. He was the greatest of all time.”

Hernandez also opened up on a chat he had with Ferguson during Moyes’ spell, saying: “I even went to speak to Sir Alex because he knew I was down.

“He knew I was going to be sold, not loaned to Real Madrid, and we spoke about it and he told me the things I was thinking… ‘this is Real Madrid, man…’ And for a Mexican guy.

“My career lasted for years and my career at Real Madrid lasted one year. They had van Nistelrooy, Beckham, Michael Owen. I’d played for Manchester United and then Real Madrid. It was incredible. It’s still difficult to believe.

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