Published On: Thu, Sep 3rd, 2020

Man Utd news: Gary Neville shares major Bruno Fernandes prediction ahead of new season | Football | Sport

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“I think Ole had a thing with him where he thought he’d just keep him going. He was on a roll, he’s fit, he can run, he’s so energetic and when he’s in the team we win.

“But there definitely was that dip towards the end where he looked like he needed that rest.

“Hopefully he’s had that rest now and he’s ready to go again.

“His attitude doesn’t tell me, and when you watch him, his performances don’t tell me that there’s going to be a dip because he just looks like he’s got that belief in himself and the courage to take the ball and even if he has a difficult start to the season he’ll not lose that belief to get on the ball and go and find space, try and play the pass that is difficult and try and play the ball forward.

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