A Chinese national is thought to have tested positive for the deadly virus on Wednesday afternoon in London, a Government source told The Sun. The diagnosis was made this afternoon and comes as approximately 1,758 people have been tested for the virus in the UK.

While a new case has been reported, UK national Steve Walsh has now recovered and has been declared as having “no risk to the public”. 

It is thought Mr Walsh, 53, from Hove is linked to 11 other people who have also contracted the disease. 

Termed as a “super spreader” Mr Walsh contracted the disease while at a business conference in Singapore. 

He then travelled to France on his way back to the UK where it is though he spread the disease. 

Following the report of the spread of the virus, a prison in Oxfordshire tested two inmates for the contagion. 

It eas later confirmed that one of the inmates, who had been moved from Thailand, tested positive for the virus. 

The prison, HMS Bullingdon has not released the names of the two individuals. 

It comes with the virus already killing over 1,000 people and infecting over 40,000 people across the globe.


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