Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2020

Kate Middleton news: Duchess of Cambridge’s lockdown-proof hair colour

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While Kate may have opted for the new lockdown-proof colour for practical reasons, there’s no doubt her royal fans will be impressed. 

The Duchess has already been praised for her more “undone” hairstyle during the lockdown as she appeared on video calls and television. 

Kate’s usually immaculate blow-dry had a slightly less polished style, though she still managed to wow viewers with her glossy locks – sporting loose waves and half-up styles. 

If you want to channel her latest look, the good news is that it’s very easy to achieve whether you’re blonde or brunette. 

“If you are brunette, just ask your salon to apply some balayage threads throughout the hair, particularly with some framing around the front,” revealed Scott. 

“Next, you can use a semi-permanent medium blonde colourant to mute down those lighter balayage panels and create that soft brunette.”

However, if you’re currently blonde and want to go for the multi-tonal shade, you need a lowlight method.

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