Published On: Mon, Jul 20th, 2020

Kate Middleton news: Duchess of Cambridge wears ring from before Prince William

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Kate Middleton joined the Royal Family when she married Prince William, both 38, in 2011. Before they tied the knot, Kate was seen wearing an eye-catching citrine ring on a number of occasions. The Duchess of Cambridge has recently started wearing the jewel again.

Like other members of the Royal Family, Kate has also borrowed different jewels from the royal collection over the years.

The Duchess of Cambridge recently caught the attention of royal fans when she wore a large citrine ring.

The eye-catching jewel is worth a huge sum of money, according to managing director at Miltons Diamonds Ben Johnson.

He told “The ring looks like a very large citrine stone to me and judging by the size of it could be worth anything from £5,000 up to £20,000.


“Media reports have suggested that this ring is a new addition to the Duchess of Cambridge’s collection, but there is proof she owned it already, as she was photographed wearing it on a night out with Pippa in 2008.”

Kate is not afraid to recycle looks and will often rewear jewellery and outfits for official engagements.

However, the mother-of-three may have been trying to make a statement by wearing a jewel from before her wedding.

Ben continued: “The citrine rock could be making a reappearance because of what the stone is said to represent.

“It is widely claimed that the citrine crystal emanates optimism and can be used to direct personal will and decisiveness.

“This would explain the motivation behind Kate’s decision to wear it on occasions when she is not accompanied by the Duke of Cambridge, attending events on her own terms.

“She is an experienced royal now, capable and independent.”

With Kate’s growing role in the family, she could be making a nod to her independence and confidence as a royal.

The Duchess of Cambridge may just want to wear more pieces from her private jewellery collection, Ben suggested.

“If the Duchess did own this prior to her marriage, perhaps she has rekindled love for her own pieces,” the expert said.

“It could be of sentimental value as a piece of jewellery that is hers alone and not borrowed from the Royal family’s collection.”

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