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It has been noticed by eagle-eyed fans of the Duchess of Cambridge and the Royal Family that Kate Middleton often dresses her children in Spanish brands. Kate, who is lauded for her own sense of style, dresses her adorable children in lovely children’s clothes.

Coats from the brand cost around £50.

George and Charlotte have also been dressed in Fina Ejerique. The brands makes clothes for babies and children, based in Spain.

Garments include adorable dresses and jumpers, as well as sweet sets for babies.

It can be bought online, with dresses costing around £55 and jumpers and cardigans around £40.

The Duchess attended Derby University this week to learn about student mental health. 

Kate wore a check coat by Massimo Dutti, which costs £249.

The Duchess aded a light blue jumper beneath to highlight the blue tones in the coat.

She appeared to opt for jeans and a black leather and gold belt.

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