Biden’s Sun sign is Scorpio, meaning it’s who he is at the core.

However, his Taurus Moon reveals how he sees himself and what he’s like behind closed doors.

People with a Taurus Moon are extremely grounded and down to earth.

They are mellow, rational, and strong-willed, but very stubborn and stuck in their ways.

Lunar Taureans can’t be pushed around and they prefer to avoid drama and messy emotions.

People with a Moon in Taurus like stability and security around them.

However practical they are, Lunar Taureans are still warm, sentimental and romantic.

They tend to be in it for the long haul in their romantic relationships as well as their friendships.

Lunar Taureans are calm and unbothered by harsh words.

Tie this to the fact that Biden was born during a Waxing Full Moon, you’ve got someone who is extremely caring and nurturing who likes building on relationships.

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