James Bond fans will be introduced to a brand new 007 actor when Daniel Craig exits the role after 14 years. The franchise stalwart will make his final appearance in the upcoming No Time To Die, set for release in early April, but, as of yet, there is no official word on who will get the job next.

Bond fans haven’t been deterred by producers’ silence on the matter, however, and have been busy placing bets on the new 007 actor with bookies for many months.

Over Christmas, Outlander star Sam Heughan was the hot favourite to take the helm from Craig, with his odds as short as 5-2.

However, since the New Year, his popularity seems to have been waning.

Instead, focus has shifted onto the likes of James Norton and Richard Madden.


In the past week, Heughan has drifted significantly, going from 5-1 to 6-1 on Tuesday morning.

By that night, he was way down at 8-1 and is still hovering there.

This puts him fifth in line to replace Craig with Ladbrokes.

Meanwhile, McMafia star Norton and Bodyguard’s Madden are pulling away from the pack, looking extremely good for the role of the next Bond.

However, while he hasn’t been confirmed as the next 007, he added that he hasn’t been ruled out either.

“I’ve never heard, I’ve never heard,” he quipped. “I’m still waiting for the call. I haven’t been told that I’m not!”

He previously threw his hat in the ring for the job on the next Bond movie after No Time To Die, telling STV last year: “I think any actor who says they wouldn’t [want to play Bond] would be lying.”

The Scot added: “I think it’s time we have a Scottish Bond again.”

Elsewhere, No Time To Die will mark the end of an era as Craig’s last appearance as the spy.

The character begins the film retired from active service and leading a quiet life in Jamaica.

The peace is soon shattered, however, by a visit from CIA agent and friend Felix Leiter (played by Jeffrey Wright) who comes to ask Bond to help rescue a kidnapped scientist.

The mission takes him in the trail of new villain Safin, who is armed with a dangerous new technology.

James Bond: No Time To Die is released in UK cinemas April 3.

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