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Most of us only bring our silver plates out when it’s a special occasion, but the less you use them the more they’ll tarnish. Cleaning and polishing silver plates is very easy, but you’ll need to put in some elbow grease! Express.co.uk explains how to clean silver plates.

How to clean silver plates

Line a large bucket or tray that will fit the plates in it with aluminium foil.

Pop the plates in the container one at a time and use baking soda to make them gleam.

Cover the plate with a thick sprinkling and then pour boiling water into the container until the plate is submerged.

Let it soak for five minutes, or even longer if the plates are badly stained.

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You can use silver cloth as often as you like to keep tarnishing at bay while they’re being stored.

If you don’t have any baking soda, try working a squirt of ketchup into your silver plates.

Many people swear by this method when it comes to banishing tarnish.

Leave the ketchup on the plate for about 15 minutes and rinse it off with warm water.

You could also try a mix of cornstarch and water and let it sit on the plate until its dry.

Then, rub it off with a towel and it should be sparkling!

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