A refugee camp in Moira, Greece, was filmed on fire just after midnight tonight. Stand By Me Lesvos, the media team for the refugee camp, has reported shootings and protestors, and has claimed the fire brigade has been called to the scene.

The refugee camp reported “a kind of uprising” took place on the grounds at 10pm BST.

Stand By Me Lesvos posted on their social media the new isolation area was “looted”, along with other buildings.

They added: “Currently various fires in the camp are reported and it seems even shootings happen. 

“It’s a nightmare coming true, but a nightmare that could have been easily prevented and all the months were not used for it.”

The camp, split into various zones to keep distance between groups, was filmed burning.

At 9:58pm BST, the non-profit posted a video of the camp, which saw fires in three zones.

The video also captured the sound of gunshots and of panicked refugees.

At 10:05pm BST, the group issued an update that said: “Fires are spreading everywhere and the fire brigades seemed entrance by some angry protesters. 

“Our partners in the camp say that the situation is getting worse every minute.”

Stand By Me Lesvos is a non-profit group working with refugees to help them learn and develop skills.

Recently the group declared an emergency due to the risk of their refugee population catching coronavirus.


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