Published On: Mon, Aug 10th, 2020

Glorious Twelfth meaning: What is the Glorious Twelfth?

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Each year in August the Glorious Twelfth marks the start of the shooting season across the UK, and has been an important date in the country calendar for years. The day marks the beginning of the grouse hunting season, with other birds such as pheasants being hunted later in the year.

What is the Glorious Twelfth?

The Glorious Twelfth falls on August 12 each year, marking the start of the shooting season.

Grouse shooting began in the Victorian era as early as 1853 and has continued throughout the years.

Hunters seek red grouse, which can be found only in Britain and are the one of most expensive game birds.

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One is animal cruelty, as separate from the animals shot and killed – experts say other animals are poisoned, trapped or killed to protect game birds.

Wild snares and traps can catch animals such as foxes, deer, stoats, deer and badgers.

The League says: “Snares are predominantly used on land where ‘game-bird’ shooting takes place, for example in upland areas in England, snares are used on 27 percent of landholdings which host shooting, compared to 0.1 percent of landholdings which do not.”

People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have condemned the sport for its cruelty against animals. 

PETA wrote: “According to a report by the League Against Cruel Sports, 40 percent of birds shot are wounded rather than killed outright, causing intense suffering.

“Grouse are charming, sensitive birds who can survive as far north as the Arctic circle and are devoted parents to their chicks.”

However, gamekeepers say responsible grouse moor management can, in fact, protect the environment.

The Countryside Alliance says grouse moor management plays a “key role in creating and maintaining our upland landscape”.

The pro-hunting group said: “Without grouse shooting, the landscape of many upland areas, and the communities they support, would be threatened.”

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