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Face masks are compulsory for anyone travelling on public transport unless that individual has an exemption or a reasonable excuse. Those who fail to comply with these rules can be fined up to £100 in England and £60 in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The UK Government has also recently launched its new “Hands. Face. Space” campaign which aims at encouraging people to maintain good hygiene, wear masks and observe social distancing.

Masks are now commonplace across the globe as experts advise face coverings can help to cut the spread of coronavirus.

However, some scientists have warned that not all facial coverings protect both the wearer and those around them.

Several airlines including United Airlines, JetBlue and Delta, have banned the use of masks with an exhaust value.

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What are the current rules for wearing masks?

Masks are required across the UK in all medical settings including GPs and hospitals, public transport and will be mandated in shops from September 14 when this rule comes into force in Wales.

Passengers boarding aircraft in England, Scotland and Wales must wear a face-covering, but in Northern Ireland masks are simply recommended.

People can be refused travel if they do not follow the rules and can be fined as a last resort.

In schools face coverings are compulsory for secondary school pupils in Scotland and Northern Ireland between lessons.

In England, secondary schools will have the ”discretion” to require face coverings in communal areas, where social distancing is not possible.

All students must wear face coverings in communal areas and corridors, except classrooms, for pupils aged 12 and over in Scotland.

Everyone aged five and above must wear face masks on school buses as well.

Masks must be worn inside in banks, post offices, places of worship, museums, entertainment venues, libraries and other places where social distancing is not possible in England and Scotland.

In Wales, face coverings in shops and indoor public places will be required from September 14 and masks are required in “any other indoor place where goods or services are available to buy or rent… for example, a bookmaker’s, a food takeaway business or a dry cleaner” in Northern Ireland.

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