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Brussels plans to fork out on business-class flights and hotels for couriers transporting “artefacts” from across the world to the site.

The European House of History based in the Belgian capital is home to Brexit-bashing items, such as former Labour Party MEP Seb Dance’s handwritten sign “He’s lying to you” used to taunt Nigel Farage.


There is also a UK-EU “always united” scarf worn by Remainers on the final day of membership.

The museum, which cost taxpayers £47million, will spend a further £1.4million fetching relics.

German MEP Nicolaus Fest said: “This is an astonishing waste of money. It would be much cheaper to relocate the fossils that run the Commission.

“Like its collection, the EU will soon be consigned to history if it continues with such frivolous spending.”

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