Published On: Thu, Apr 9th, 2020

Easter horoscope: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Although Easter Week experienced a rocky start, expect things to turn more mellow as the Christian festival approaches. A Full Moon in Libra on April 7 and 8 means this week is the ideal time to connect with loved ones.

The planet Venus in Gemini loves all things virtual, meaning technological matter should receive a boost.

However, fiery planet Venus is about to enter her retrograde shadow.

Any relationship issues can consequently come to light.

They may take lots of rehearsing before they are resolved – potentially not for months.

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In the morning, the signs point to love’s bliss, but this also works in the evening.

Later on in the day are advantageous supports for activities of all kinds as well as for sports activities.

Distant planet Mercury then forms a third Sextile with ringed planet Saturn on Easter Sunday.

Expect the astrological atmosphere to be sombre but also genuine.

Astrology advocates can benefit by connecting and cooperating with loved ones.

How is the date of Easter calculated?

Easter is a “movable feast” meaning its date is not fixed in the calendar.

The date of Easter is each year calculated according to the Lunar Calendar.

Easter is related to the Jewish festival of Pesach, also known as Passover.

In Christian religion, Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday following the first Spring Full Moon.

Even though Spring Equinox can astronomically fall on a different day each year, to simplify the calculation of Easter, Spring is officially set to begin on March 21.

If the first Spring Full Moon falls on Sunday, then the Easter will fall on the following Sunday.

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