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Friday’s horoscope kicks-off with Venus Squaring Mars in Aries. Squares are 90 degrees astrological alignment between a planetary pair.

Astrology advocates think such a Square can inspire great joy.

And you can also be brave enough to chat-up that special someone as the working week draws to an end.

And although arguments may also occur, this can also be can added aphrodisiac.

If passionate fighting and making-up afterwards is your thing, Venus and Mars are the planetary pair for you.


This Friday’s Aries Moon provides a slightly different mood, thought to be able offer a killer instinct?

The Aries Moon is known to be a busy combination, as it hurtles past at light.

Expect your affairs to develop fast when the Moon is in Aries.

Who has time or inclination to remain downbeat and despondent when there are new thing to win.

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