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The themes for Thursday, January 16, are excitement, inspiration and a certain amount of unpredictably. The day begins with an Ingression between Mercury and Aquarius.

Astrologer Marina Stoichkova from MarStars Astrology believes Mercury in Aquarius is considered a very strong combination – also known as being exalted.

She said: “Mercury was recently in Capricorn for a couple of weeks, causing people to feel closed-off.

“But this position allows people to open up a little bit.

“People can suddenly become more open-minded when Mercury moves to Aquarius.

“You may feel more ready to experience and try new things thanks to Aquarius.

“Get ready to think outside of the box or to express yourself openly in front of others.”

This position is usually considered very supportive for community work, communicating with loved ones and socialising in general.

Mercury in Aquarius is also really positive for getting inspired.

“This means today is the ideal; time to change things.

“Experimentation, excitement and also a level of instability will be in the air.

“You will most likely be unable to imagine what the final outcome of your actions today – which is exciting.

The Moon remains in Libra throughout the whole day.

There will subsequently be a focus on relationships and communication.

The astrological atmosphere will be balanced and harmonious when the Moon is in Libra.

Ms Stoichkova said: “As a result, the Moon’s influence can constrain the Uranus – Aquarius energies.

“The theme’s for Thursday are therefore excitement, variety and change.”

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