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The themes for your Saturday, January 11 horoscope include taking action and anticipating change. Today finds the Moon moving from Cancer to the star sign of Leo.

Our celestial orb will today make two important aspects that will impact your horoscope.

Astrologer Marina Stoichkova, from MarStars Astrology, believes Leo provides a totally different type of atmosphere to Cancer, where the Moon resided yesterday.

She said: “Leo is more about taking decisive action and the urge to entertain.

“You can expect more joy and fun during the day, while self-expression will also benefit.”

The Leo Moon will Square Uranus in Taurus, creating a strong desire to make a drastic change.

A Square is an aspect, or special angle, where planets or other horoscope points are approximately 90-degrees apart in the Zodiac circle.

The classical astrology meaning of a square is that the powers involved are in conflict so that they cause trouble for one another.

Ms Stoichkova, said: “You may want something new, while something unpredictable might come up.”

The MarStars Astrology expert thinks this is also a great aspect for taking action and being proactive.

She said: “The start of the weekend is the time for doing something, while sporting activity can also benefit.

“Saturday is also an ideal opportunity to focus on your goals.

“This is because Leo and Sagittarius are two Fire signs.

“You should consequently prioritise focussing on your personal goals and taking action.”

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