Published On: Wed, Aug 5th, 2020

Daily horoscope for August 6: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Thursday is primarily influenced by the Moon’s remaining in star sign Pisces. This lunar astrological combination is considered capable of transporting you into a different head space.

The Moon kicks-off Thursday by creates a Sextile with gas giant Jupiter in Capricorn.

The Sextile is an aspect formed when planets are two signs or 60 degrees distant.

The Sextile is believed to be a positive harmony between planets capable of creating new pathways for growth.

The Pisces Moon is usually associated with romance.

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Today’s cosmic combination is though to only add to the romantic, almost religious atmosphere.

Expect, therefore, the later hours of the day to get particularly hot and heavy, when the Moon Sextiles Pluto.

As Venus travels over the very last degree of Gemini, you have got one last chance to enjoy achieving your very deepest desires.

Or alternatively, you maybe striving to put the past behind you.

Next up, the Moon creates a Conjunction with Neptune in Pisces.

The result of this is a wish to immerse yourself in make believe.

Expect to live a wonderful fairytale as another working week draws to an end.

Pluto is close by to add a romantic quality to the entire evening.

This is because fiery planet Venus has entered the final degree of Gemini influence.

As a result, make the most of Thursday’s remaining hours, as you have carte blanche to do what you wish – within reason.

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