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The voucher scheme, which was initially announced by Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps earlier this year, is now open for bike owners to sign up. The Government has said it is “working closely” with the cycling industry to monitor the success of the scheme. It is part of a £2billion Government payout to get people walking and cycling more.

The scheme will then be adapted to purpose before being rolled out more widely.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “From helping people get fit and healthy and lowering their risk of illness, to improving air quality and cutting congestion, cycling and walking have a huge role to play in tackling some of the biggest health and environmental challenges that we face.

“But to build a healthier, more active nation, we need the right infrastructure, training and support in place to give people the confidence to travel on two wheels.

“That’s why now is the time to shift gears and press ahead with out biggest and boldest plans yet to boost active travel – so that everyone can feel the transformative benefits of cycling.”

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Where can I use the bike vouchers?

As it stands, only selected retailers will be taking part in the scheme, so make sure you check with your local repair shop before heading out.

Cycling giants Halford and Evans Cycles have both confirmed they will be taking part in the scheme.

Additionally, the Energy Savings Trust has a website in which you can track down your local repair shop and find out if they are involved. 

A spokesperson from Evans Cycles said: “It is truly amazing to see so many people getting back on their bikes.

It is also being managed in this way to help deal with capacity across participating stores.

The Energy Saving Trust will then email you a code, which you can either show on your phone or print out to hand to the retailer.

The voucher can only be used for repairs, so you will not be able to purchase any bike accessories with it.

Everyone who lives in England and is aged over 18 is eligible to apply for the free bike vouchers scheme.

The Government’s list of acceptable repairs are:

  • Repair or replace tyres, tubes, wheels and related components
  • Adjust, repair or replace braking system components
  • Adjust, repair or replace transmission system components
  • Repair or replace other essential components which prevent safe use, e.g. deteriorated grips or saddle
  • Repair or replacement of components for permanently fitted lighting systems

Repairs which are not eligible include:

  • Replacement or upgrade of existing safe and roadworthy components
  • Replacement or repair of removable lighting accessories

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