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Patients struck down by the coronavirus outbreak have described the “fear” they felt the moment they knew they had the virus. CNN spoke to two Chinese patients who were diagnosed with the coronavirus and have since recovered about their experience of being infected. This comes as more than 1,300 people are now known to have died from the virus, the majority in China.

One of the patients, who wanted to be known as Tiger Ye, said he was “scared” when he went to the hospital to get tested.

He told CNN’s David Culver that he began to feel “sore and sick to his stomach by the middle of January”.

Ye continued: “My dad realised maybe it was something wrong that has happened. I went home and I started running a fever.

“It was a real mess. There were a lot of nurses and doctors in the fever clinic. I fetched my result, it was positive. I’ve been confirmed.”

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Another patient, a 31-year-old engineer, told CNN that he was “scared and fearful” when he was waiting for his diagnosis.

He added that it took him days to get diagnosed because of the overcrowding in the hospital.

Beijing has faced questions about its alleged efforts to cover up the extent of the coronavirus outbreak after it reported a huge rise in the number of deaths and infections.

The Chinese officials have insisted that the jump in cases is due to a change in how the authorities count sufferers in the province of Hubei.

In the US, a senior White House official has called on Beijing to be more transparent over its handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Larry Kudlow, the director of the US National Economic Council, said: “We are a little disappointed that we haven’t been invited in and we’re a little disappointed in the lack of transparency coming from the Chinese.”

In the UK, one of the confirmed patients diagnosed with coronavirus attended a central London conference last week with more than 200 delegates.

Public Health England is trying to identify anyone who had close contact with the unnamed individual, including those who attended the UK Bus Summit at the QEII Centre on 6 February.

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