Published On: Mon, Jun 22nd, 2020

China accused of ‘plotting mass terrorist cyber-attacks’ to ‘manipulate’ easy targets | World | News

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A Singapore cyber firm, Cyfirma, warned China may be attempting to launch cyberattacks on media houses in India. Times Now hosts Rahul Shivshankar and Navika Kumar claimed China was attempting to change the narrative being pushed by global media on the secretive nation. Both hosts claimed China could be planning further attacks on Indian media houses as the tension between the two countries escalates.

Mr Shivshanker said: “We are being told there is a cyber terror offensive taking place.

“The cyber warfare model is suggestive of what the Chinese want to do.

“China wants to try and plant news stories to try and change the narrative in India.

“I think that some people are beginning to fall for it and this has been exposed by a top Singapore based agencies that have sounded an alert saying media houses are being penetrated in these cyber-terrorist attacks.”

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Co-host Navika Kumar added people around the world were struggling to believe China’s current coronavirus narrative.

She claimed China was trying to look at some weak spots in the cyber defences of media houses in an attempt to change the global narrative on China.

The Times Now host then cut to their reporter Mohit Sharma who explained the fears surrounding future attacks from China.

He said: “Between the 8th of June and 18th of June this firm in Singapore heard chatter on the dark web from hackers.”

He claimed they were “Chinese sponsored hackers” and specifically spoke about targetting Indian media houses.

He continued: “This chatter only grew after June 15th and since then there have been eying up and potentially targetting not just media houses but various other ministries in the Indian Government.

“The whole idea behind this is not to just penetrate these media houses but to also ensure their own perspective and ideologies are being presented.”

China is yet to respond to the accusations by the Singaporian cyber agency.

China has also faced accusation of cyber-attacks from Australia as their relationship is put under pressure.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute claimed there was a 95 percent chance the attack came from China.

China has denied these claims and insisted they are bassless.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said: “The attacks coming from Australia against China are totally baseless nonsense.”

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