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You could save hundreds of pounds a year by using Childcare Vouchers. The scheme allows you to pay for childcare from your pre-tax salary. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The one problem is that they eventually expire, losing parents hundreds or thousands in vouchers. During the pandemic, nurseries have been on a break so people will have even MORE expired vouchers. How can you claim back cash if your childcare vouchers have expired?

Childcare Vouchers allow parents to pay for childcare using their income before tax.

The scheme ended on October 4, 2018, but many parents who were signed up to the scheme before this date still benefit from it.

Childcare Vouchers are available to parents with children aged up to 15 whose employer offers them.

The idea is to save parents from paying tax and national insurance on top of their childcare costs.

Most of the time the scheme works by salary sacrifice, but a few employers might give you the vouchers on top of your income.

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How can you claim back cash if your childcare vouchers have expired?

MoneySavingExpert has revealed how to check if your vouchers have expired and how to get them back.

This varies from provider to provider, but MSE has provided advice for Sodexo, Computershare, Care-4, Edenred, Employers for Childcare, Gemelli Employee Benefits, and Kiddi Vouchers.

If your provider is Sodexo, your vouchers will expire after 30 months.

Most parents haven’t had a notification to let them know their vouchers are expiring, so the best way to check is by logging into your account.

If you can’t, you should ring them to check on 0800 328 7411.

It should take a maximum of 10 working days for vouchers to be reissued, and Sodexo says you can get your vouchers reissued “any time” after they expire.

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If the provider is one of the following, your vouchers never expire:

  • Care-4
  • Edenred
  • Employers For Childcare
  • Gemelli Employee Benefits
  • KiddiVouchers

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