Published On: Sun, Apr 5th, 2020

Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel message fired to Ferrari chief over ‘delicate topic’ | F1 | Sport

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Leclerc and Vettel, though, represent one of the strongest driver pairings on the grid and Montezemolo is optimistic about Ferrari’s prospects going forward.

“Ferrari has almost everything to go back to winning,” Montezemolo said. “Almost everything means that we are close to everything.

“It is too long that you do not win or you do not reach the end of the World Championship with the possibility of being able to win.”

Leclerc and Vettel were supposed to begin the 2020 F1 campaign last month at the Australian Grand Prix.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has seen the first eight races of the year called off and the season is now scheduled to start in Canada in June.

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