Published On: Mon, Jul 20th, 2020

Bruce Willis was ‘unpredictable’ during Chad Michael Murray flick ‘Survive The Night’ | Films | Entertainment

Bruce Willis has been on screen for decades at this point. Almost everyone knows him as John McClane when he took on the horrific Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) back in 1988. However many other fans have grown up watching him in all sorts of film roles – and some of those actors grew up to become actors themselves.

Direct fans or otherwise were no doubt influenced by Willis’ incredible film legacy.

And his latest venture sees him taking on a couple of young evildoers in Survive The Night.

Alongside Willis for the ride is TV star Chad Michael Murray.

Murray is perhaps best known for his time in One Tree Hill – but now he is taking to the big screen alongside the action hero icon that is Bruce Willis.

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While the actor is extremely seasoned, this is of course the first time he has worked with Willis – and he was thrilled to do so.

On working with the legendary actor, Murray explained: “It’s one of those great moments in your life.

“Working with an actor of Bruce’s caliber, I grew up watching Bruce in everything, from Die Hard on.

“He’s a legend, and he’s left a mark in such a way that people try and emulate him and try to be like him, and have careers that can be even just a little bit close to his.”

He went on to describe how it felt working alongside such a prestigious actor, saying: “Before we started, there was this incredible anticipation, like: ‘What is Bruce going to bring to the table?’

“First off, he’s a great guy. I got starstruck in some instances, because you’re looking into the eyes of your childhood hero, and now, you’ve been given the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with him in a scene and tell a new story onscreen!”

Although Murray couldn’t say enough good things about Willis, director of the action flick Matt Eskandari had similar bouts of praise for Murray.

“Chad Michael Murray is such an incredibly talented actor,” Eskandari announced. “I’ve followed his career over the years, I’ve seen him mature and grow as an actor — he’s the perfect actor to play Rich.

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“He brought an astute understanding of story, he makes interesting choices as an actor, and he’s a vital team player. He understands the process, and all of his experience helped him step into a character effortlessly.”

Eskandari also had incredible things to say about Willis, as he said: “Bruce is amazing. This is my second time working with him (after Trauma Center), and he’s so unpredictable in terms of his choices as an actor.

“It’s great to watch someone like Bruce step in front of the camera and make a scene really come alive.

“It’s mind-boggling to me how he’s so relaxed and calm and in control of his instrument as an actor; he elevates a film and gives the story a sense of gravitas.”

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