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The European Union has experienced a major “shock” in the difference between dealing with Boris Johnson‘s Government and Theresa May’s team, according to Tory MP Sir John Redwood. The prominent Brexiteer warned without “robust” leadership and aggressive tactics, the union would feel free to “dictate” negotiation terms to the UK. Sir John spoke to think-tank Brexit Watch about how he thought the Brexit trade talks were going overall.

He said: “I’m delighted that the UK under the Prime Minister has been robust up to this point.

“I think we lacked robust negotiations under the previous government.

“That was one of the reasons why I did want to change Prime Minister.

“Having myself negotiated in the past a single market minister in Brussels, I’m very well aware that they only take you seriously if you dig in and if you are consistent.”

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Sir John continued: “If they think you’re going to give in, they just keep on applying pressure until you do give in.

“Then that vindicates their view that they dictate and they don’t have to listen seriously to the other side.

“Now the UK needed to change that mood because there was a feeling that all they had to do was dig in and insist the previous Government would agree.

“So it’s very important this Government establishes that that isn’t the way it’s now working.”

Sir John told Brexit Watch: “But making it very clear that Britain has a veto over everything, just as they have a veto over everything.

“We need to agree issue by issue, there isn’t going to be a subservience anymore of the United Kingdom to the European view and the European Court of Justice.”

The next set of discussions have begun to take place between the UK and EU via video link.

Brexit talks were stalled after rows broke out between the sides with each accusing the other of being unreasonable in their demands.

There are less than six weeks until the deadline for an extension to the transition period to be requested, although Boris Johnson has repeatedly ruled this out.

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