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Guy Verhofstadt, Belgium MEP, who was Chair of the EU’s Brexit Steering Group, is set to be replaced in his role. German MEP David McAllister, who is chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, will replace the former Belgium Prime Minister. Mr Verhofstadt also served as the European Parliament’s Brexit Coordinator in his position. 

The EU chief is expected to get a big role in the new Conference of Future Europe.

The new position is expected to encourage further engagement with the bloc.

Mr Verhofstadt, who is also part of the Renew Europe group, in the European Parliament, has played a key role throughout the Brexit debate.

The EU chief became a frustrating figure among Brexiteers and in documentaries about Britain’s departure from the bloc appeared to play a prominent role behind the scenes.

In the lead up to the December General Election Mr Verhofstadt also campaigned alongside the Liberal Democrats, who were campaigning to halt Brexit.

But, despite his efforts, Britain overwhelmingly backed Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson who vowed to “get Brexit done”.

Mr Johnson secured a thumping majority of 80 in the House of Commons, as the election proved to be the Labour Party’s worst result since the Second World War.

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