Last month, the Prime Minister gave the EU up until today to secure a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK in order to allow plenty of time for an agreement to be ratified by the end of the transition period in December.

As neither side has been able to come an agreement, with issues on fishing rights remaining a top priority, Mr Johnson has allowed an extra 24 hours for the crucial Brexit talks.

But an poll – which ran from 2pm to 10pm today – asked whether the Prime Minister should extend the deadline again.

The poll received a staggering 10,458 votes with 97 percent (10,096) warning the Prime Minister not to extend the deadlines any further.

Just three percent (327) said he should, while 35 people said they didn’t know.

One person said: “This wavering by our government isn’t doing UK industries and businesses any good at all.

“They need to know where they stand now. Not tomorrow.

“Put your big boys trousers on Boris, and tell them it’s definitely NO DEAL.”

A second person added: “Hell No!!! He should never have given them an extra 24 hours.

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A fourth person said if Mr Johnson backs down again he should resign.

They said: ”If Boris backs down tomorrow then he should resign. Simple.

“If he is not up to the job then stand aside and let someone with balls take over.”

Another reader said: “Surely he can’t be that stupid.

“He’d be handing the advantage to the EU on a plate.

“They will see him as weak as [Theresa] May and double down on their demands.”

While a fifth reader wrote: “EU has had enough time. If nothing happens by tonight.

“I doubt anything but trying to delay. Just say good bye. No deal.

“If they have any suggestions ask them to get them together and UK can then start talking with EU January 2021 from outside the EU.”

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said the UK looks forward to hearing the outcome of the EU Council summit and Mr Johnson will reflect on that before setting out Britain’s next steps.

He added the UK still wants to reach a trade deal with the EU, and that is the country’s aim.

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