Published On: Tue, Aug 4th, 2020

Brentford 0-1 Fulham LIVE: Updates from Championship play-off final – Joe Bryan GOAL | Football | Sport

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Thomas Frank revealed his side are confident ahead of the final, with the Brentford boss also conceding Fulham are the bigger club.

“We have big ambitions and big dreams,” Frank said. “We believe in ourselves but need to go to Wembley confident but humble.

“They are a bigger club than us. This is not a mind-game, this is a fact.

“They got relegated from the Premier League last year and have the parachute money.

“They have experience from the final two years ago and they have more experience in their squad to play a game like this than us.

“Yes, we beat them twice [this season] and that can maybe give us a bit of confidence. But the final is another story.”

Scott Parker, meanwhile, hailed his Fulham side, claiming they’ve shown their resilience to impress after being relegated from the Premier League last season.

“I realised that this season was going to be a massive challenge for us,” Parker said.

“When teams get relegated there are big wounds, and we were in a low spell.

“The biggest challenge was obviously trying to implement a philosophy and install a real identity on the pitch.

“It’s been a rocky road this season because you can’t just have a magic wand to go from a weak mentality to fighting to win the division you are in.

“I see a massive improvement from where we were, and a team that is progressing and resilient.”

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